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Graduate Student Portfolio

Graduate Student Portfolio

The graduate student portfolio is a mechanism for students to convey their achievement of the core competencies and readiness to move forward with work on the culminating project (capstone, thesis, or dissertation). Approval of the portfolio is required to be eligible to register for additional NUTR 596 (Capstone) or NUTR 700 (Thesis) credits. PhD students must complete the portfolio and general exam before registering for NUTR 800 (Dissertation) credits.

All students (MS, MPH, PhD) are required to submit the portfolio by the end of the first year of study or after completion on core courses, should that come later. Information on the process and timeline will be provided to students in the spring quarter. The portfolio summarizes the learning that has taken place in the core classes: NUTR 500, 513, 520, 521, 522, 529, 531, 562, HSERV 579, biostatistics, and epidemiology. Using the portfolio template students prepare a self-assessment; outline next steps for capstone, thesis, or dissertation; and provide examples of course work including a scientific paper, and policy brief paper.

Each portfolio will be assigned to one or more NSP faculty members for review. Faculty will meet to collectively discuss the portfolios and make one of three possible decisions for each student: 1) Ready to proceed; 2) Needs to complete additional work before moving forward with the culminating project; 3) Not making sufficient academic progress and requires a plan for improvement and performance before proceeding further in graduate work in Nutritional Sciences. The assigned faculty member(s) will then provide feedback on the portfolios after the review.

To complete the portfolio:

  1. Download and complete the portfolio template and collect required assignments.
  2. Consolidate items into a single PDF file.
  3. Name the PDF file using the underscore naming convention below with your first initial, last name, title, and completion date.
    Example:  EKirk_NutrSciPortfolioI_06302020, EKirk_NutrSciPortfolioII_093020
  4. Email the single PDF file including all required materials to by 11:00 p.m. on June 30. Please do not email materials as separate documents.