Nutritional Sciences Program


September 2, 2020

The Effect of Diets Rich in Low-Fat or Full-Fat Dairy Foods on Insulin Sensitivity: The Influence of Other Dietary Factors

Diet Quality and Food Additive Exposure in Children with and without Celiac Disease

The Effect of Eating Frequency on Sleep Quality Among Healthy Adults: A Component of The Frequency of Eating and Satiety Hormones (FRESH) Study

Patient Perspectives on Nutrition Providers’ Phenotypes and Attitudes About Weight During Treatment for Atypical Anorexia Nervosa

The Impact of Low-Fat and Full-Fat Dairy Consumption on Metabolic Health: A Randomized Dietary Intervention Trial

Post-discharge Lactation Support for Mothers of Infants Who Discharged from a NICU: Recommendations for Seattle Children’s Hospital’s NICU Guidelines

Feeding in the Setting of Serosal Tear Repair and Small Bowel Obstruction

Eating Disorder Screening Across Disciplines in the SCH Adolescent Medicine Clinic