RD Training

Graduate Coordinated Program in Dietetics (GCPD)

Students enrolled in one of the Nutritional Sciences Program degrees (MS, MPH, PhD) are able to concurrently complete the coursework and practice experience necessary to become a Registered Dietitian through the Graduate Coordinated Program in Dietetics (GCPD). Applications for the degree granting program and the RD training program (GCPD) are due at the same time. Enrollment in the RD training program (GCPD) is limited to 12-14 graduate students. Coursework for both the degree and dietetic program is completed during students’ first year and second autumn quarter. Students in the RD training program (GCPD) then complete three quarters of supervised practice in the practice experience during their second winter, spring, and summer quarters. Most, but not all, students return to for a third autumn quarter to complete their thesis before graduating and sitting for the national RD exam.

Note: The non-coordinated program equivalent of the practice experience is the Dietetic Internship (DI). Neither our program nor our students participate in the DICAS Dietetic Internship (DI) national match.

RD Training Brochure