Research & Practice

Washington State Dept. of Agriculture Farm-to-School Project

Materials Available

Project Type(s): NUTR 531 Public Health Nutrition Project

Author(s): Kelly Ahern, Elizabeth Aong, Carrie Dennett, Sepideh Dibay Moghadam, Melissa Edwards, Erin Enriquez, Isabel Kanholm, Srilekha Karunanithi, Jessica Kim, Young Mee (Mya) Kwon, Zhongyuan Liu, Kimberly McLaury, Marina Mednik-Vaksman, Shelly Najjar, Allison Parker, Diana Reid, Cole Schindler, Laura Tobias, Krista Ulatowski, Seth Yoder, and Marc Zimmerman.

Program(s): Master of Public Health, Master of Science, PhD, RDN Training

Year: 2012