Research & Practice

Smarter Lunchroom Evaluations in Snohomish County Promoting Fruit & Vegetable Consumption in Elementary Schools

A majority of students in Snohomish County are not consuming the recommended amounts of fruit and vegetables (F&V). Schools have the ability to influence the amount of F&V consumed by children. Smarter Lunchroom strategies use behavioral economics to persuade students to choose and consume healthy food. Implementing Smarter Lunchroom strategies will support student nutrition and health status.

This project’s goals were to:

  • Perform Smarter Lunchroom evaluations in elementary schools with > 50% free and reduced price enrollment (FRP) or < 30% FRP.
  • Identify opportunities to modify the lunchroom environment to increase student consumption of F&V.
  • Present findings and recommendations to food service directors.

Materials Available

Project Type(s): MPH Practicum, PH Concentration Poster

Author(s): Tori Sorenson

Program(s): Master of Public Health, RDN Training

Year: 2016