Research & Practice

Nutrition Screening Quality Improvement at the University of Washington High-Risk Infant Follow-up Clinic

After leaving the Neonatal ICU (NICU), infants may be referred to receive an evaluation at the University of Washington High-Risk Infant Follow-up (UW HRIF) Program at the Center on Human Development and Disability. Early nutritional status of these infants is important to growth, development, and long-term health. The UW HRIF Program includes a dietitian, but their new nutrition screening process required reevaluation and improvements. Currently, patient caregivers receive a nutrition questionnaire one month prior to their appointment (with a stamped envelope) to determine nutrition risk and if they would like to see a dietitian.

This project’s aim was to offer recommendations for improvements to the new nutrition screening process in the UWMC HRIF clinic, addressing the following questions:

  • What are other HRIF clinics doing to screen for nutrition risk? How is this information applicable to the UWMC HRIF program?
  • How can nutrition screening at the UW HRIF clinic be improved?
  • What additional nutrition resource would be helpful for families of high-risk infants?

Materials Available

Project Type(s): MPH Practicum, PH Concentration Poster

Author(s): Lisa Eberly

Program(s): Master of Public Health, RDN Training

Year: 2015