Nutritional Sciences Program

Master of Public Health

September 30, 2019

Anna Mowell

Anna Mowell

This profile was originally published in 2019. Learn more about what Anna is doing now in a more recent alumni spotlight published in 2022. Why did you choose UW? UW is unique in that it is one of the few schools to offer a Master of Public Health degree with concurrent dietetics training. I love…

January 15, 2019

Divya Pahwa

Divya Pahwa

Why did you choose UW? I chose UW because it is an excellent research institution and I wanted to surround myself with world-class innovation, inquiry, and brilliant people interested in public health. The reputation of the Graduate Coordinated Program in Dietetics (GCPD) was also a significant factor in my decision-making process. The GCPD program allows…

November 10, 2018

Sam Vinci

Sam Vinci

This profile was originally published in 2018. Learn more about what Sam is doing now in a more recent alumni spotlight published in 2022. What motivates you about public health? I like that public health promotes multi-disciplinary work and collaboration. I see this a lot at the School of Public Health, where people from engineering,…

October 28, 2018

Chris Bensen

Chris Benson

What did you do before you went into nutrition? I’m from a small rural town on New Hampshire’s seacoast. Growing up there, the extent of my career knowledge was limited to being things like a doctor, teacher, veterinarian, or astronaut. When I started college at McGill in Montreal, I didn’t see a clear career path,…

October 12, 2018

Alicia Yang, RDN

Alicia Yang

Why did you decide to pursue an MPH in Nutritional Sciences? I was working as a clinical and research dietitian at the UCLA Center for Human Nutrition, and I noticed that many of my patients were tackling similar issues. They were living and working in an environment that did not support health, they had difficulty accessing…

October 10, 2018

Courtney Shupp

Courtney Shupp

What are you most passionate about in public health? The intersection of food waste, hunger, food insecurity and food access. As an undergrad at Cornell, I helped to recover food from college dining halls and deliver it to a nonprofit in downtown Ithaca. They would distribute the food to people in the community who needed it….

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