Nutritional Sciences Program

Food Systems Major

February 24, 2021

Elizabeth (Lizzie) Zimmerman

Elizabeth Lizzie Zimmerman

Why did you choose UW? I moved to Seattle at age 19 when I fell in love with living in the Pacific Northwest. After relocating to Seattle, I realized I wanted to go back to school for my bachelor’s degree around age 21. Going to the University of Washington was a goal, but I wasn’t…

September 9, 2020

Natural Disaster Subsidy for Farmers in Taiwan

Assessment of existing Taiwanese Council of Agriculture protocols that support farmer subsidies following natural disasters and research into strategies to improve the quality of that support and overall agricultural work environment to attract younger people into farming.

September 4, 2020

Washington State Farmer Resource Map

In partnership with Washington Farmland Trust (formerly PCC Farmland Trust) and Farm to Farmer, creation and distribution of a survey to inventory and map available resources needed by farmers and landholders to keep farmland in production, protect natural resources, and reconnect local communities across the state of Washington.

Protecting Native Pollinators

In partnership with Viva Farms, production of educational outreach materials for farmers and consumers that increase awareness about services provided by native pollinators, research into successful native pollinator projects and certification/labeling, and apps or games that promote good practices.

Immigrant Senior Meal Site Resource Guide to Local Foods

In partnership with Tilth Alliance, creation of resources for immigrant seniors to find affordable, locally grown foods in their neighborhoods.

Growing Rooftop Roots Across the Community

In partnership with the University District Food Bank, creation of a compelling case for developers to incorporate rooftop agriculture to extend access to local produce.

Food Web or Food Trap

In partnership with City of Seattle Farm to Table Program and Nourishian for Life, production of an infographic and a one-pager examining the effect of industrial and local food systems on the environment and food workers, and the benefits of the Farm to Table program, to be used as educational tools for childcare staff at…

Food and Farm Business Support Center – Survey and Analysis of Collaborations and Partnerships from Across the US to Support Food and Farm Entrepreneurship

In partnership with King County Department of Natural Resources and Parks and Business Impact Northwest, research and analysis of partnerships and collaboration between nonprofits and public agencies from across the US that could serve as models to the development of the Food and Farm Business Research Support Center in our region.

Development of a Grassroots WA State Sustainable Agriculture Resiliency Survey

In partnership with Washington Young Farmers Coalition, development of a survey of Washington farmers to understand the economic role of smallholder agriculture in Washington and the threats farms are facing with potential economic instability.

Creating Accessible Food Systems Through Education and Community

In partnership with Yes Farm, a project of the Black Farmers Collective, production of materials and resources for about healthy food systems in Seattle, using storytelling to share via social media and use as teaching curriculum toward building community.

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