Jisun Paik

Research Assistant Professor, Comparative Medicine

PhD, Nutritional Sciences, University of Washington
RDN, Commission on Dietetic Registration

Comparative Medicine
T-140Q Health Sciences Building, Box 357190

Phone: 206-221-2682

Fax: 206-685-3006


Dr. Jisun Paik studies vitamin A and its role in health and diseases. Her two main research areas are the role of retinoic acid, one of the metabolites of vitamin A, in reproduction and weight regulation and the role of gut microbiome in inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). She is currently working on developing small molecules to treat obesity and to be used as male contraceptives. She also uses germ-free mice to determine whether specific microbiome can induce IBD and colon cancer, aiming to develop a bio-assay to predict colon cancer risk in IBD patients based on their microbiome.