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Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health Seminar

Our weekly Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health seminar is offered autumn and winter quarter and examines emerging issues in food systems and nutrition as they relate to personal, public, and planetary health.

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Winter 2021

Food Supply Chains During the COVID-19 Pandemic

As the COVID-19 pandemic emerged in early 2020, images of dumped milk and plowed-under crops, empty grocery store shelves, and lengthy food bank lines shocked the nation. While there are no nationwide shortages of food, inventory and availability of various staples have been affected, and food prices and food insecurity are on the rise, especially impacting Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC) communities. Many food system laborers are from BIPOC communities and continue to be adversely affected as farmworkers, meat plant workers, and long distance truckers face compromised work environments. The food service industry has been crippled, and food packaging and distribution has shifted to accommodate household servings instead of restaurant and bulk orders.

“Food supply chains” have now become part of everyday conversations as the stress of the pandemic raises questions about the sustainability, resilience, and inequities of our food system. Food supply chains include the sectors and labor supporting food production, processing, transportation, distribution, and access. Linear representations of supply chains often belie the extended, complicated realities of interconnected national and global food systems. As food supply chains continue to be impacted by COVID-19 among other global challenges, it is essential to learn about opportunities to increase sustainability, resilience, and equity. This winter seminar brings a systems perspective to these questions and discussion.

Recorded Sessions

Jan 8Introduction to Food Systems During COVID-19 Yona Sipos, Assistant Teaching Professor, Nutritional Sciences Program and Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, Core Faculty for Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health, UWWatch video
Jan 15Food Supply Management: A Technological Approach and COVID-19 impactJoe Heim, Health Services and Industrial & Systems Engineering, UW; Christina Mastrangelo, Industrial & Systems Engineering and Center for Healthcare Organization Transformation, UW
Watch video
Jan 22The Power of Local Food Systems - Why You Should Buy Better EggsDonnie Wilcox, Supply Chain Manager, Wilcox Family Farms Inc. Watch video
Jan 29Resource Mobilization Advocacy for Global Food Systems, Nutrition, and HealthShelby Wilson, ConsultantWatch video
Feb 5Impacts to the Potato Supply Chain Due to COVID-19: Insights from the WA State Potato CommissionChris Voigt, Excecutive Director, WA State Potato CommissionWatch video
Feb 12From Canned Goods to TP: Managing Grocery Supply Chains Under the Strain of COVID-19 Senior Grocery Buyer Scott Owen, PCC Community MarketsWatch video
Feb 19COVID-19 Food Access Among American Indian/Alaska Native Tribes in WA State: The Value of Food Sovereignty Speakers from the Northwest Tribal Epidemiology Center, Northwest Portand Area Indian Health Board (NPAIHB): Victoria Warren-Mears, Director and Nora Frank-Buckner, Food Sovereignty Initiatives DirectorWatch video
Feb 26Insights from the Washington Food Policy ForumLaura Raymond, WSDA Regional Markets Program Manager, Small Farm Direct Marketing Assistance and Farm to School Watch video
Mar 5Findings from the Washington State Farm Resilience Survey: Impacts and Adaptations During COVID-19Anna Fogel, MPH and GCPD student in the Nutritional Sciences Program at UW, and Sarah Collier, Assistant Professor, Nutritional Sciences Program and Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences, Core Faculty for Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health, UWWatch video
Mar 12Reporting Back From the COVID-19 Farmworker Study (COFS)Dianna Torres Angulo, CIELO Organization, Mason and Thurston Counties

Autumn 2020

Growing Resilience and Equity: Food Systems Amid the Dual Pandemics of COVID-19 and Systemic Racism

Recorded Sessions

Winter 2020

Food Systems in the Age of Climate Change

Recorded Sessions


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