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Food Systems Seminar

Food Systems in the Age of Climate Change Winter 2020

Co-hosted with CHanGE (Center for Health and the Global Environment)

Winter Seminar: Food Systems in the Age of Climate Change

Our winter seminar explores climate impacts in the context of Pacific Northwest Food Systems.

Every aspect of the food system is impacted by and has an impact on climate. Greenhouse gas emissions and contributions to climate instability or resilience are determined by what we eat, how that food is produced and harvested, how far it travels, and whether the food is wasted or resources are recovered. Climate change impacts which foods will grow and be available, their nutritional outcomes, and the occupational health of front-line agricultural workers. 

The series highlights local and regional experts to offer unique perspectives on topics relating to this theme. Speakers will consider challenges and opportunities of terrestrial and aquatic food systems, soil health, labor, and natural resources such as water, energy, air, and ecological systems. The seminar invites individual and institutional reflection on the path toward food system resilience, climate justice, and the knowledge, research, and actions needed at this time.  

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