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Pennies spilling out of a jar

Increases in minimum wage may not have anticipated positive health effects, study shows

February 10, 2020 | UW News

Results of a new study from University of Washington Center of Public Health Nutrition finds that an increase in minimum wage really didn’t have a huge impact on health overall.

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Cutting sweet potato

Are we doing diet and nutrition research wrong?

January 28, 2020 | Fred Hutch

Public health researcher Dr. Ross Prentice from University of Washington Department of Biostatistics is interviewed by Fred Hutch about ways he is applying intake biomarkers to assess and improve studies of diet and chronic disease. In this interview, Prentice highlights a recent feeding study he conducted with Drs. Johanna Lampe and Marion Neuhouser, core faculty members in the UW Nutritional Sciences Program, in which they used intake biomarkers derived from blood micronutrients and participant characteristics obtained from the Women’s Health Study.

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Undergraduate student scholarships for 2019-2020

January 14, 2020

Scholarship recipients for the 2019-20 academic year are recognized for academic achievement, dedication to community service and extracurricular activities, professional promise, and their ability to overcome challenges.  The annual fund prioritizes support of students from diverse backgrounds and those who have overcome economic and educational disadvantages and/or personal adversity to pursue higher education. Nikki Hogan...

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Photo of vegetables and grains in a plastic container

20 changes you need to make in your life in 2020

January 7, 2020 | Insider

This article features a quote from Adam Drewnowski, director of the UW Nutritional Sciences Program and the Center for Public Health Nutrition offering advice to cook at home, rather than eating out, for a better diet at no significant cost increase.

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Sea bean

As the planet warms, unusual crops could become climate saviors — if we’re willing to eat them

December 20, 2019 | Ensia

Eli Wheat, a core faculty member in the Nutritional Science Program and Program on the Environment at the University of Washington is quoted about how government food production subsidies in our nation do not allow free market forces to act.

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4-Week Study Abroad Program Explores Food Systems in Italy

December 11, 2019

Announcing a 4-week intensive, interdisciplinary program that uses systems thinking and a variety of perspectives to understand how factors, such as culture, policy, diet, and market structure, interact to create environmental, economic, health, and social/equity outcomes. La Dolce Vita: Comparative Food Systems in Italy begins with farm stays in Tuscany – a farm in the...

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Jennifer Otten and Branden Born Livable City team

Faculty Friday features Jennifer Otten, Branden Born and Livable City Year

November 8, 2019 | The Whole U

The academic collaboration between Jennifer Otten and Branden Born is highlighted in The Whole U in a Faculty Friday feature.

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How Washington keeps America sick and fat

November 4, 2019 | Politico

Mario Kratz, an associate professor in epidemiology, medicine, and nutritional sciences at the UW is quoted about the cost-prohibitive factors with NIH grants which present barriers for securing adequate funding for well-controlled dietary studies. Kratz works at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center where he studies dietary interventions and cancer prevention.

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Keto, fat and cancer: It’s complicated

October 24, 2019 | Fred Hutch News

Marian Neuhouser and Mario Kratz, core faculty members with the UW Nutritional Sciences Program and researchers at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center are quoted in this article discussing evidence known so far about best diets for cancer treatment and health.

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Photo of rice

The under-recognized power of preconception nutrition

October 21, 2019 | The Seattle Times

This story highlights the importance of proper nutrition before and during pregnancy and quotes Judy Simon, a registered dietitian and clinical faculty member in nutritional sciences at UW. The story is authored by Carrie Dennett, a registered dietitian nutritionist who is an alumna of the UW Nutritional Sciences Program (MPH/GCPD ‘2013).

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