Meetings & Events – Spaces and Planning Resources

  • Set-up and clean-up time (in addition to event time)
  • Tech needs and who will operate (some rentals require an event helper or tech operator)
  • If there is a request to livestream, do you know for certain that there will be online participation?
  • If serving food
    • Will food be delivered? If so, who is the contact person.
    • If not, is there a need for food storage.
    • Will there is a need for refrigeration or ice?
  • Are the participants/guests familiar with campus?
  • Will they need instructions for parking, or do we need signage for wayfinding?
  • Will there be a sign-in or check-in table?
  • If the event is after hours, will there be any issues with locked doors or access to the building?
  • If the event is off campus and materials need to be delivered, how will that happen?