Faculty Research Forum

Below is information about the Faculty Research Forum, plus additional resources, to help guide you in choosing your thesis project.

Faculty Research Forum 2017

Friday, January 6th, 2017, 2:00pm


Review the 2017 Forum Schedule for the list of faculty members who will present at the event. Keep in mind that there are other faculty members who were not able to attend but have thesis opportunities. You are welcome to talk with any faculty members whose research interests align with your own.

Additional Resources

This page has information about each faculty member’s research interests as well as their biographies, contact information, and publications.

Nutritional Sciences Theses and Dissertations
This page is a list of completed thesis and dissertation abstracts of graduated students.

Graduate Student Portfolio
One component of the Graduate Student Portfolio that you will complete at the end of spring quarter asks you to summarize the current state of your plans for your thesis or dissertation research and describe the process you are using to develop your research ideas. As you explore research opportunities, you may find it helpful to review section A.3 and Table C of the Portfolio Template to get a sense of the types of questions you will be asked to consider.
Note: A formal orientation to the portfolio process is provided during the Student Research Symposium in May.

Thesis Manual
The manual presents thesis guidelines for students and faculty in the Nutritional Sciences Program

Presentations From Past Forums