Defense Scheduling and Graduation Checklist

Congratulations on being ready to graduate! In addition to the arrangements you will make with your committee as you prepare to present (defend) your thesis or dissertation, there are several administrative steps you must take to prepare to graduate, arrange and publicize your defense presentation, submit required paperwork, and satisfy registration requirements.

Please carefully review and follow the steps on the Defense Scheduling & Graduation Procedures checklist.

Tips to Make the Process Run Smoothly

Work with Your Committee

Keep in touch with your committee. If anything changes, make sure to update your committee and the main office.

Publicize Your Defense Prior to the Presentation Date

Important: It is the Program’s policy that defenses be publicized at least two weeks prior to the presentation date. If you do not provide the information needed to publicize your defense with adequate advance notice, you may be asked to reschedule.

Satisfy Registration Requirements

During the quarter you plan to present your thesis or dissertation, you must be enrolled for at least two credits. Generally students register for thesis/dissertation credits, but you are not required to do so if you have taken your required minimum. If you have already taken a minimum of 9 thesis credits or a minimum of 27 dissertation credits, you may sign up for another elective or you may choose to continue to register for thesis/dissertation credits. At this time, there is no maximum credit limit on thesis/dissertation credits.

If You Need Additional Time

Degree Requirements not Complete

If you do not complete the degree requirements (including submission of your thesis), you must enroll for at least two credits the next quarter and resubmit the master’s degree request. Let the Graduate Student Services Coordinator know so your request for a master’s degree can be withdrawn.

Degree Requirements Complete

If you have completed all degree requirements but need a brief extension to finish formatting your thesis, you can file for a Graduate Registration Waiver and pay a $250 fee in lieu of registration. It is available to qualifying students for a 2-week period directly following the quarter in which all Graduate School and graduate program degree requirements are met. Qualifying students who pay this fee will graduate in the quarter following the fee payment period.

Note: This option may have an effect on the grace period for student loans becoming due; students should check with their lenders for registration requirements before utilizing this option in lieu of registration. For complete details on this option and to confirm your eligibility, see the General Graduate School Policies.

Dates and Deadlines

Dates and deadlines are available from the Graduate School.