Student Projects

Public Health Nutrition (NUTR 531) Student Projects

During winter quarter of their first academic year, nutritional sciences students complete a project in Public Health Nutrition (NUTR 531) that actively engages them in performing the functions of public health – such as assessment and policy development- to meet the needs of a real world public health client.  Clients have included the Washington State Department of Health, Seattle Public Schools, Public Health Seattle & King County, Washington State Childhood Obesity Prevention Coalition, and the Washington State Agriculture Farm to School Program.
Past Projects

MPH Practicum and Fieldwork Projects

Nutritional Sciences students pursuing a Masters in Public Health (MPH) complete Practicum and Fieldwork projects which provide opportunities to explore a specific areas of interest in public health nutrition in more depth. The student placements are meant to represent areas where the student has interest in working professionally in the future. Placements may include local, state or federal public health agencies, or non-governmental agencies engaged in health promotion or policy development.
Past Projects

Dietetic Student Projects

The Graduate Coordinated Program in Dietetics (GCPD) provides the coursework and supervised practice that is required to become a Registered Dietitian® (RD). The supervised practice requires completion of rotations focusing on skills in the clinical, community and food service settings to name a few. Students pursuing an MS degree complete one 7 week clinical concentration and the MPH students complete their public health practicum. During the practice experience there are many opportunities to create and complete projects.

For a sampling of past projects from the two different concentrations, see the catalogs below of MPH and MNT (MS) posters.

Past MPH Concentration/Practicum Posters (MPH)
Past MNT Concentration Clinical Posters (MS)

Student Thesis, Capstone and Dissertations

The purpose of a thesis, capstone or dissertation is to provide students with the experience of developing a research question, testing this question, collecting data, analyzing the data and writing the results. Students are encouraged to submit their results for publication and subsequent peer review.
Past Projects