Staff & Leadership

Mark Albonizio


Mark Albonizio

Administrative Coordinator
Mark Albonizio provides administrative, instructional, and fiscal support to assist the program’s faculty, staff, students, and leadership team.

Kari Brothers


Operations Specialist
Kari Brothers manages student and academic services systems like admission, assessment, compliance, data management, student progress, and time scheduling, and contributes to outreach and advising for prospective graduate students.

Director, Nutritional Sciences Program
Adam Drewnowski leads the educational and administrative affairs of the Nutritional Sciences Program, and sets the strategic direction, goals and initiatives.

Brian Fish


IT Specialist
Brian provides IT support for the program.

Lacey Hendersen


Lacey Hendersen

Student Services Coordinator, Graduate Coordinated Program in Dietetics
Lacey Henderson is the primary contact for the GCPD program, advising students on procedures, policies, academic requirements, GCPD Canvas site, site-specific compliance, and appointment scheduling with the program director.

Susan Inman


Susan Inman

Manager, Student and Academic Services
Susan Inman manages SAS and oversees and participates in student advising, funding, and outreach across all programs, plans and leads strategic priorities for the staff team, and facilitates curriculum and program improvement with faculty. She is the point person for the student concern policy.

Associate Director, Nutritional Sciences Program

Undergraduate Program Director

Graduate Program Coordinator

Elizabeth Kirk directs academic affairs. As the Graduate Program Coordinator, she oversees and provides direction on program and graduate school requirements. She also administers the program’s undergraduate major and minor.

Director, Graduate Coordinated Program in Dietetics

MPH Program Director

Anne Lund leads the administrative and academic components of the GCPD, and coordinates the curriculum, practicum and fieldwork requirements for MPH-Nutrition students.

Lisa Nordlund


Senior Adviser
The senior adviser leads advising, career development, and community building activities for current undergraduates and contributes to outreach and advising for prospective graduate and undergraduate students.

Food Systems Director
Jennifer Otten leads strategic planning and efforts to grow food systems education, research, and leadership. Current activities focus on expanding the program’s food systems curriculum, increasing mentorship opportunities at the undergraduate and graduate levels, and strengthening communication and collaboration with partners within and outside the university.

Lori Tiede


Lori Tiede

Communications Manager
Lori manages program communications including website, social media, photography, and content.

Michelle Trudeau


The administrator provides administrative, fiscal and academic operational management for the program including staff and academic human resources, facility management, planning, and serving as a member of the program leadership team.