Nutritional Sciences Seminar

Our quarterly seminar series examines emerging issues in food systems and nutrition as they relate to personal, public, and planetary health.

The weekly seminar is held every autumn and winter quarters and is open to all UW faculty, staff, and students. Students register for this 1-credit course as NUTR 400 (undergraduates) or NUTR 500 (graduate students).

For Autumn 2019

Food Justice: Intersections of Identity and Place

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Autumn 2019 Sessions Schedule [PDF]
Power imbalances and inequality are rife throughout the U.S. and global food systems with respect to race, gender, culture, class, immigration status, and other intersections of identity and place. There is a growing demand to prioritize racial equity, social justice, and sustainability throughout food system dialogues and actions. How do we cultivate food systems that promote the welfare, health, and resilience of all individuals and populations within sustainable and regenerative ecosystems?

The Autumn 2019 Food Systems, Nutrition, and Health Seminar, co-organized with the UW Food Systems Coalition, explores the diverse intersections and relationships needed to achieve a sustainable, equitable, and just food system. Topics include next generation farmers, worker health, immigration, women and people of color in the food system, indigenous food systems, climate justice, food access, policy, and cultural influences in the culinary world and restaurant industry.

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