Graduate Student Research & Practice

Spring 2018 Use of a Nutrient Rich Foods Index to Study the Effect of Seattle’s Minimum Wage Ordinance on Supermarket Food Prices by Nutrient Quality Catherine House Jennifer Otten MS
Spring 2018 Is There a Role for Myeloid Cell-derived Versican in Diabetes-accelerated Atherosclerosis Katie Osterbauer Michael Rosenfeld MS
Winter 2018 Food Insecurity and Diabetes Self-Management among Youth and Young Adults with Type 1 Diabetes Kimberly Polacek Ortiz Jason Mendoza MPH
Autumn 2017 Examination of the Associations Between Indices of Maternal Capabilities on Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices and Nutrition Status Among Children in East and Southern Africa Courtney Davis Scott Ickes MS
Autumn 2017 Examining Food Procurement Characteristics in Washington State Child Care Settings Monica Lazarus Jennifer Otten MPH
Summer 2017 Characteristics of Bariatric Patients on Home Parenteral Nutrition Theresa Bergholz Lingtak-Neander Chan MS
Summer 2017 Player-Reported Fluid Intake and Measured Hydration Status in NCAA Division I Football Players During Fall Training Camp Kelly Finan Marian Neuhouser MS
Summer 2017 Association of Whole Grain Intake with Diabetes and Subclinical CVD in the Multiethnic Study of Atherosclerosis: A Sensitivity Analysis Molly Haas Michelle Averill MS
Summer 2017 A Qualitative Study of U.S. Food Waste Programs and Activities at the State and Local Level (JHEN abstract) Chris Benson Jennifer Otten MPH
Summer 2017 Changes in Self-Efficacy and Outcome Expectations from Child Participation in Bicycle Trains for Commuting to and from School (HE&B Abstract) Cathy Huang Jason Mendoza MPH
Summer 2017 School Lunch Entree Components Before & After Implementation of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act of 2010: A Secondary Data Analysis Lauren Mozer Donna Johnson MPH
Summer 2017 A Qualitative Study on the Development and Adoption of the First State-Wide Comprehensive Food Service Guidelines for Improving the Health and Productivity of State Employees Lauren Rice Jennifer Otten MPH
Summer 2017 Farmers Market Use and Perceived Barriers to Farmers Market Access Among SNAP Recipients in Washington State Gaelen Ritter Scott Ickes MPH
Summer 2017 Exploration of Learning Goals and Learning Outcomes in Two Community Kitchens in Seattle Toi Sennhauser Donna Johnson MPH
Summer 2017 Seattle’s Minimum Wage Ordinance did not affect Supermarket Food Prices by Processing Category Amanda Spoden Jennifer Otten MPH
Summer 2017 Physical Activity and Subclinical Measures of Atherosclerosis: Study Replication and Sensitivity Analysis Julian Whitford Michelle Averill MPH
Summer 2017 Stress, Obesogenic Dietary Behaviors, and Obesity in Non-Hispanic White and Hispanic Women Sepideh Dibay Moghadam Shirley Beresford PhD
Winter 2017 Assessing Sodium Content of Foods in Two Seattle-King County Food Banks Sarah Craven Jesse Jones-Smith MPH
Winter 2017 Self-Reported Perceptions and Practices of University Students Who Adhere to Special Restrictive Diets: A Pilot Study (abstract) Toni Fiordalis Marian Neuhouser MS
Winter 2017 Trends in Prices of Fresh vs. Ultra-Processed Foods: Analyses of Seattle-King Country Prices from 2004-16 (abstract) Terry Hawk Adam Drewnowski MS
Autumn 2016 Eating Perceptions of University Students Who Are Following a Special Restrictive Diet: The Food and Health Survey (abstract) Francesca Simonella Marian Neuhouser MS
Autumn 2016 Diet and Adipose Tissue Inflammation (abstract) Lisa Weigle Mario Kratz MS
Autumn 2016 Exploring Factors that Influence Adoption and Implementation of the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative in Washington State (abstract) Kayla Bell Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2016 Increasing Farmers Market Access among Low-Income Shoppers in Washington State:  Understanding the Role of Peer-to-Peer Programs (abstract) Danielle Hamilton Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2016 An Analysis of the Adoption and Implementation of Breastfeeding Policies in Washington State Clinics (abstract) Shelly Johnston Donna Johnson MPH
Summer 2016 Comparison of Objectively and Subjectively Measured Sedentary Behavior in Men with Prostate Cancer and a History of Androgen-Deprivation Therapy Use (abstract) Jamie Clayton Dori Rosenberg MS
Summer 2016 The Relationship of Diet Quality and Blood Serum Lipid Levels in a Population at High Risk for Diabetes: The Strong Heart Family Study (abstract) Sophie Kauffman Amanda Fretts MS
Summer 2016 Evaluation of Select Food Additive Exposures in Children with Crohn’s Disease (abstract) C. Kaulani Swan Johanna Lampe MS
Summer 2016 Sodium in School Lunches Before and After Implementation of the Healthy, Hunger Free Kids Act of 2010 (abstract) Torissa Sorenson Donna Johnson MPH
Summer 2016 The Association between Vitamin K2 Intake and Glucose Homeostasis in Individuals with and without Chronic Kidney Disease (abstract) Hsin-Hui (Katty) Tseng Mario Kratz MS
Summer 2016 Gardening for Health: Patterns of Gardening and Fruit and Vegetable Consumption on the Navajo Nation (abstract) Mei Yook (Lisa) Woo India Ornelas MPH
Summer 2016 Low- vs. High-Glycemic Load Diet: Effects on Postprandial Plasma Free Fatty Acid Levels (abstract) Sarah Yanez Michael Rosenfeld MS
Spring 2016 Analysis of Media Coverage on Breastfeeding Policy in Washington State (abstract) Alessandra DeMarchis Donna Johnson MPH
Spring 2016 The Role and Requirement for Glutathione in Parkinson’s Disease (abstract) Laurie Mischley Michael Rosenfeld PhD
Spring 2016 The Effect of Glucose vs. Fructose Beverages on Low-Grade Systemic Inflammation (abstract) Jessica Kuzma Mario Kratz PhD
Winter 2016 Food Shopping Trip Characteristics Before and After the Light Rail (abstract) Jessica Jew Brian E. Saelens MPH
Winter 2016 Accuracy of Volumetric vs. Weight Measurement in Nutrient Analysis for Research (abstract) Emma Partridge Marian Neuhouser MS
Autumn 2015 Factors influencing water consumption at school among adolescents in King County, Washington: A qualitative study based on the Social Ecological Model (abstract) Nora Downs Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2015 Measuring Plate Waste: Validity and Inter-Rater Reliability of the Quarter-Waste Method (abstract) Katherine Getts Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2015 Exploring the Use of Seattle’s Farmers’ Market Incentive Program (“Fresh Bucks”) by Household Food Security Levels (abstract) Elizabeth Hulbrock Jennifer Otten MPH
Autumn 2015 Association Between Soda Consumption and Body Mass Index in the University of Washington Twin Registry (abstract)  Anna Eney  Joseph Delaney MS
Autumn 2015 Effects of excessive energy intake from fructose- vs. high fructose corn syrup (HFCS)- vs. glucose-sweetened beverages on fasting plasma IGF-1 and IGFBP-3 concentrations (abstract) Katrina Hoch Mario Kratz MS
Autumn 2015 The sodium potassium ratio: adherence to guidelines in the Multi-Ethnic Study of Atherosclerosis (abstract) Emily Kurlak Joseph Delaney MS
Autumn 2015 Evaluation of Patient Characteristics, Indications, and Effectiveness of Home Parenteral Nutrition (HPN) Therapy in Obese Adult Patients (abstract) Jisun Park Lingtak-Neander Chan MS
Summer 2015 SNAP-Based Incentives for Healthy Food Access: Comparing Socio-demographic Factors of SNAP Shoppers at Farmers Markets to SNAP Participants in Washington State (abstract) Jamie Bachaus Donna Johnson MPH



Summer 2015 Compliance with an Intense Dietary Intervention and Glycemic Control in Type 2 Diabetes (abstract) Lisa Eberly Mario Kratz MPH



Summer 2015 Taxomic and Functional Characterization of Human Gut Microbes Involved in Dietary Plant Lignan Metabolism (abstract) Isaac Elkon Johanna Lampe MS



Summer 2015 Diesel Exhaust Exposure and N-acetyl-cysteine Supplementation In-utero and Atherosclerotic Lesion Progression (abstract) Jenna Harrigan Michael Rosenfeld MS



Summer 2015 Demographic, Physical, and Behavioral Characteristics Associated with TV Parenting Practices Among Latino Parents of Preschool-Aged Children (abstract) Catherine Karlak Jason Mendoza MS



Winter 2015 Restaurant Response to the San Francisco Toy Ordinance: Changes in Toy Marketing and Children’s Menu Options (abstract) Sara Diedrich Jennifer Otten MPH



Winter 2015 The Association between Baseline Fructose Consumption and Baseline Biomarkers of Inflammation in a Randomized Controlled Feeding Trial (abstract) Ke (Claire) Luo Marian Neuhouser MS
Autumn 2014 The Influence of Caregivers and Meal Decision Makers on the Nutritional Content of Fast Foods Purchased for Children (abstract) Doris Chung Jennifer Otten MPH
Autumn 2014 Red Cell Distribution Width and Fall Events in Older Adults (abstract) Anna Heninger Lingtak-Neander Chan MS
Autumn 2014 Effects of State and Federal Legislation on a Sample of Local Public School District Wellness Policy Scores over Time (abstract) Alexandra Kaufman Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2014 An Examination of Nutritional Outcomes from an Intensive Outpatient Pediatric Feeding Program for Children with Feeding Difficulties (abstract) Carrie Ramsdell Donna Johnson MS
Autumn 2014 Association between Obstructive Sleep Apnea and Obesity in a Pediatric Population (abstract) Ge (Lilly) Wang Donna Johnson MS
Autumn 2014 Adherence to Micronutrient Supplementation in Bariatric Patients (abstract) Qianxiong (Cherry) Zheng Lingtak-Neander Chan MS
Summer 2014 Longitudinal Associations between Home Food Environment and Diet Quality in Children (abstract) Jonae Perez

Brian E. Saelens

Summer 2014 The Cost of Healthy Foods in Seattle, WA: Price Trends from 2004-2014 (abstract) Katherine Freeman Adam Drewnowski MS
Summer 2014 Differential Effects of Fatty Acids on an In Vitro Model of Hepatocyte Steatosis (abstract) Srilekha Karunanithi

Alan Chait

Summer 2014 Assessing the Impact of Post-Purchase Barriers on Fruit and Vegetable Consumption: A Secondary Analysis of a Survey of SNAP Recipients at Seattle Farmers Markets (abstract) Maia Kurnik Donna Johnson MPH
Summer 2014 Can School Lunches Deliver Better Nutrition Without Sacrificing Palatability?  An Evaluation of Nutritional Adequacy of School Lunches in Urban Washington State (abstract) Diana Reid Donna Johnson MPH
Spring 2014 Relationship between socioeconomic status and fruit and vegetable intake among Washington middle school students (abstract) Marina Mednik-Vaksman Donna Johnson MPH
Spring 2014 Comparison of Gut Microbial Community in Infants and Toddlers with and without Phenylketonuria (abstract) Melissa Edwards Johanna Lampe MS
Spring 2014 Eating well and paying less: A study of positive deviance (abstract) Cara Davis Adam Drewnowski MPH
Winter 2014 Socioeconomic trends in household food expenditures: Comparing objective food shopping receipts vs. Self-reports (abstract) Zhongyuan Liu Adam Drewnowski MPH
Winter 2014 Variation in WIC Cash-Value Voucher Redemption Rates among American Indian Reservation Communities In Washington State (abstract) Kimberly C. McLaury Donna Johnson MPH
Winter 2014 Metabolome response to glycemic load in a randomized, controlled, crossover feeding trial in humans (abstract) Sally Barton Johanna Lampe MS
Winter 2014 Association between objective measurement of walking activity and neighborhood walkability (abstract) Liang-Dar Hwang Glen Duncan MS
Autumn 2013 Relationship between parental use of praise and child weight outcomes in the FOCUS pediatric obesity study (abstract) Carrie Dennett Brian Saelens MPH
Autumn 2013 Development of the DESK (Disinhibited Eating Score for Koreans) Questionnaire: Examining the relationship between eating cues and food intake in the corporate-working population of Seoul, Korea (abstract) Young Mee (Mya) Kwon Marian Neuhouser MPH
Autumn 2013 Barriers to WIC Benefits Redemption among Participants in Washington State abstract (abstract) Shelly Najjar Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2013 Plasma 25-hydroxyvitamin D3 response to vitamin D supplementation in obese and non-obese men and women (abstract) Kelly Ahern Mario Kratz MS
Autumn 2013 Predictors of Responsiveness to Vitamin D Supplementation and Outcomes Assessment in Patients Undergoing Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery (abstract) Jessica Kim Lingtak-Neander Chan MS
Autumn 2013 A comparison of the effect of consuming a fructose-, glucose-, or aspartame-sweetened beverage on ad libitum caloric intake (abstract) Laura Tobias Mario Kratz MS
Summer 2013 Do screen time policies matter? The association between the presence of screen time policies in child care facilities and child care provider knowledge, provider advocacy and facility practices (abstract) Elizabeth Aong Donna Johnson MPH
Summer 2013 Assessing green space as a correlate of physical activity among twins (abstract) Isabel Kanholm Glen Duncan MPH
Summer 2013 District Market: A pilot marketing study (abstract) Krista Ulatowski Adam Drewnowski MPH
Summer 2013 Chronic stress alters serum lipids: effects due to “stress eating” versus metabolic changes (abstract) Allison Parker Michael Rosenfeld MS
Summer 2013 Metabolism of Plant Lignans by Human Intestinal Bacteria (abstract) Seth Yoder Johanna Lampe MS
Summer 2013 Obtaining nutritional information for dietary assessment (abstract) Marc Zimmerman Marian Neuhouser MS
Spring 2013 The association between access to water and sugary-sweetened beverage consumption in 37 schools in King County (abstract) Sepideh Dibay Moghadam Donna Johnson MPH
Spring 2013 Acquired copper deficiency post-Roux-en-Y gastric bypass Surgery: A systematic review (abstract) Amanda Wood Lingtak-Neander Chan MS
Winter 2013 Eating Frequency, Disease-Related Biomarkers and Appetite (abstract) Martine (Petey) Perrigue Marian Neuhouser PhD
Winter 2013 Assessment of parenting stress as measured by the parenting stress index-short form related to treatment and management of a child with phenylketonuria (abstact) Angela Thanh Tam Stevenson Shirley A.A. Beresford MPH
Winter 2013 Prevalence of anemia and use of red cell distribution width as a predictive tool in a bariatric surgery population (abstract) Kelly Peterson Lingtak-Neander Chan MS
Autumn 2012 Effects of voluntary running on inflammation and tumor progression in mice (abstract) Jorming Goh Warren Ladiges PhD
Autumn 2012 Associations among grade, sex and free and reduced price lunch eligibility with use of nutrition labels in middle and high school students (abstract) Elisabet Eppes Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2012 The effect of meal preparation time on food expenditure and menu quality in family child-care homes in King County, Washington (abstract) Emily Faerber Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2012 The use of 100% fruit juice as a fruit and vegetable equivalent in snacks served in federally-subsidized child care homes (abstract) Juli Louttit Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2012 Is healthy happy? The affective impact of the Renton Menu Labeling Project in an adolescent population (abstract) Katherine Potestio Donna Johnson MPH
Autumn 2012 Restricted eating behavior in children with PKU and HPA (abstract) Sarah Bailey Cris Trahms/Donna Johnson MS
Autumn 2012 Self-efficacy of monitoring eating choices associated with autonomy, fruit and vegetable intake and BMI in the MOVE’M Study (abstract) Kailee Farnum Shirley A.A. Beresford MS
Autumn 2012 Relationship between aerobic fitness and academic achievement in Seattle secondary school children (abstract) Jamie Kowatch Glen Duncan MS
Spring 2012 Fast-food consumption and the fast-food environment (abstract) Richard Lau Glen Duncan MPH
Spring 2012 Effects of differentially sweetened beverages on hepatic and adipose tissue de novo lipogenesis in healthy young adults (abstract) Sarah Shimer Mario Kratz MPH
Summer 2012 What’s on the menu? An evaluation of the foods served in Federally-subsidized child care homes (abstract) Bridget Igoe Donna Johnson MPH
Summer 2012 Comparing food desert and non-food desert residents by key socio-demographic variables, distance to supermarkets, supermarket type by price, diet quality and obesity in King Co, WA (abstract) Lola Sachiko
Adam Drewnowski MPH
Summer 2012 A twin study of the relation between age at dieting onset and to adult BMI and dieting behaviors (abstract) Erin Enriquez Glen Duncan MS
Winter 2012 The effects of high- and low-glycemic load diets on subjective mood and energy levels in normal weight and overweight/obese adults (publication) Kara Breymeyer Marian Neuhouser MPH
Winter 2012 Area-level measures of deprivation predict food patterns among 7th grade students in Washington State (abstract) Russell Owen Donna Johnson MPH
Winter 2012 Clinical outcomes following pre-and post-operative vitamin D supplementation in Roux-en-Y gastric bypass patients (abstract) Charlotte Neilson Lingtak-Neander Chan MS