Funding Opportunities

The Office of Financial Aid provides information and application forms for available loans and work study positions. Applications for financial aid are generally due during the winter before the following academic year. Please check current deadline requirements with the Financial Aid Office. Departmental employment, financial aid, and work study positions are sometimes available to qualified students.

Office of Financial Aid
105 Schmitz Hall

The Graduate School and UW School of Public Health’s Funding Page also provides links to financial resources for graduate students.

Grants and Funding Information Service

The Grants and Funding Information Service (GFIS) at the University Libraries (in conjunction with the Graduate School) can also assist in finding funding. They provide workshops (“Introduction to Searching” and “Database Searching”) and individual consultations to “help identify the best resources in your search for funding.” They have a collection of funding directories and their website has links to resources.


See MCH Traineeships for information about nutrition traineeships available to advanced Nutritional Sciences graduate students through the Maternal Child Health Bureau of the Health Care Resources Administration.


Some program scholarships are available annually to current students. Scholarship applications are requested in early spring quarter for the following academic year. These small awards are intended to assist directly with tuition costs.

The Nutritional Sciences Program is unable to offer financial aid to international students.

Other Scholarship Opportunities

GCPD students have been successful in obtaining scholarships from outside organizations such as the Washington State Dietetic Association and the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Visit the WSDA and AND websites for more information. GCPD students are not eligible for federal funding during the Practice Experience.