PhD Overview

Program Description

The doctoral program in Nutritional Sciences offers interdisciplinary training to prepare students to expand the base of new knowledge in nutritional sciences and to apply this knowledge in public health and clinical health care settings. The PhD program is designed to assist students in:

  • Gaining an advanced understanding of nutrition and metabolism, and related biological, biochemical, molecular, and behavioral sciences
  • Acquiring skills in research methods
  • Developing timely and original hypotheses in nutritional sciences.

Additionally, the program seeks to meet the substantial state, regional and national need for doctorally prepared faculty in schools or departments of nutrition and the health sciences and for leadership positions in agencies in which PhD level nutrition researchers study the relationships between human nutrition and health.

The program provides an educational structure that facilitates the pursuit of advanced study and research training in the field of human and clinical nutrition, and/or public health. Students first undertake coursework covering the fundamental areas of study and the core knowledge areas. Students then develop their dissertation project. A general and a final examination are required to complete the degree.

Students select an appropriate academic advisor from the core faculty, and throughout the program, this faculty advisor monitors the student’s progress and assists in mapping out an appropriate plan of study. During the course of their study,students will choose a dissertation chair and select a research topic that coincides with their individual interests