Give to Support Nutrition and Health

The Program is grateful for the financial support we continue to receive from our alumni and friends. Gifts made to the Program allow us to pursue our mission and goals and greatly enrich students’ experiences at the University of Washington.

There are two funds that support our educational mission:

Nutritional Sciences Undergraduate Program Fund

Gifts to the Undergraduate Program Fund support our teaching of undergraduates in personal and public health, food systems, and nutrition. Generous gifts allowed us to develop new undergraduate courses that led to a very successful undergraduate minor launched in 2013 and are core to the Food Systems, Nutrition and Health major which launches in 2018.
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Nutritional Sciences Support Fund

The Nutritional Sciences Support Fund nourishes our graduate students. These gift funds have been used to provide scholarships, support innovative thesis projects on community health, and allow students to present at professional conferences. These activities enrich students’ experiences and prepare them for a professional career in health.
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